online reputation Reputation is everything and for a company, it is often times the only thing that they have. Not only do companies need to worry about managing their reputation, but a lot of celebrities as well look to manage their image in the public eye. There is an ever growing number of agencies that are putting an emphasis on this as they see the importance of online reputation management is growing by the day. Think about the internet and how you think about a company or a celebrity when you see something online that is less than flattering. This article is designed to help you see the importance of managing your reputation and help you to get some advice that will help with you getting the most out of this.

A History of Reputation Management

The concept of handling one’s reputation is not a new concept, there have been people in the PR business for years helping to clean up messes that a company or famous person created. These messes were easy to clean as often times word would not spread that fast so a PR agency would be able to get ahead of the disaster in rather short time. As the Internet grew so has the number of times that a person’s indiscretions or a company’s screw ups have come to light. We live online these days so having a company that is on the ready to manage a reputation is more important than ever before. A few of the reasons that a celebrity or company will need a reputation expert are as follows.

A scandal that can make them look very bad in the public eye. A former employee that has a grudge against them over a perceived injustice that they had committed against them. A bad situation that is made to look worse than it really is. Often times perception is not quite what it seems to be and the public eye gets shined in a negative manner.
A business deal that went south and turned into a scandal. One example of this is two companies that go to merge and one of the companies has been revealed to be guilty of insider trading.

web reputationThese are only but a few of the reasons that a famous person or a company that is looking to make the most from managing their reputation will want to hire an agency to help out with the task. It is not advised that you try handling this task on your own as this can often be a very complex and time consuming process. There are a number of agencies that are out there that will offer their services for a range of prices, the key will be to find the ones that provide you the best services for the best price. In the next section, we will discuss the importance of celebrities having someone in their corner that will defend their good name in the media and news.

In Hollywood a person can go from on top of the world and getting work on a regular basis to being barely able to get a commercial for a dog food all because of one bit of bad publicity. Think of all the celebrities that have went down in shame all because of something stupid that they did.